Imagine it’s your wedding day, you didn’t get as much sleep the night before as you would have liked, making sure every last detail was in it’s place. You show up to get your hair and makeup done the next morning, not as wide awake as you’d hoped and you need a pick me up.
*This is where I come in*
I have been there and that feeling is all too real! Let me tell you about my best friend, his name is coffee. I hope you like him because I bring him along just for you. This day is all about you and you deserve it!
Aside from bringing you coffee, lending an ear to calm your nerves, making a pun (or seven), crying when you exchange your vows, I promise to tell your love story in the most beautiful way it can be told. Each story is unique to the people who wrote it and I’d love to have the honor to share it.

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