Lifestyle Sessions

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What is a Lifestyle Session?
Lifestyle sessions are a great way to capture your family’s every day life, whether it be a typical day, a family gathering, or a holiday. If you love baking cookies or pancakes, have family traditions, moving to a new home or just want to remember the details of your family in your home this session is the perfect option. This session takes place in the comfort of your home and your yard.
Since these sessions are about capturing the natural aspects of your family they last up to 120 minutes. This longer session time allows no need to rush! I’ll be like an old friend sipping coffee and hanging out. I cannot wait to meet you and your family in the comfort of your home.
What is a Newborn Lifestyle Session?
Newborn lifestyle sessions are all about capturing the special moments with your new bundle of joy, naturally in their new home. These special moments can be shared with parents, siblings, and pets. Baby will also have time to get portraits alone as well. I will not bring props or lighting to keep these sessions natural, with the exception of outfit changes, blankets, swaddles or any special items.
Newborns can have a bit of an adjustment as they come into the world. This session is up to 120 minutes long so we can assure baby has time to get cozy, eat, sleep, have diaper changes and anything else they may need without the stress of rushing. I am a mom of two myself and I totally understand newborns and fuss, so don’t sweat it! This session will be kept simple, fun, light and relaxing. I cannot wait to meet your new addition, and hold them a bit to get my snuggle fixes and give you some rest!
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